Design Hallway Space – Impact

Areas a classroom should have:

I believe that in a classroom, there should be a place to work and a place to relax. I think it is important to have both, because as a student, sometimes we need air and need to be in an environment that is not all about assignments and homework. The relaxing area should consist of relaxing furniture to be comfortable when taking a break, and things that people identify relaxing with, such as books, magazines, drawing, writing etc.. Of course, a classroom should also have a place to work that is calm, quiet, and useful to be productive in.  According to, you need to start “to imagine your goal; what would your ideal class look like to someone peeking in the doorway? What would your students be doing, and how would it appear?”, this means that it depends what, in your opinion, a classroom should have, and its purpose. An area for collaborating and teamwork will look very different from an area for working and studying. Similarly, educationrickshaw said that he/she changes his classroom around according to different units the students are learning about. All this shows that there is nothing that a classroom should have, it all depends on the purpose it is used for. My classroom is used for working and relaxing/eating at breaks, therefore, it should have these aspects inside the room.

Collaborative room
Work only room
Photos retrieved from Flickr

Areas my classroom has:

As I mentioned, I above, I believe that classrooms should have a relaxing space and a working area. In my hallway room, I added both those areas. My intention behind these areas was that I would have one space where people could do their homework or study when they have a free, or when they are sent out of the classroom to concentrate and do work alone. I then put a relaxing space because I know that many people have issues finding a place to be at break and to eat at lunch. I also made this space so people could use it as a space to be when they want to read something alone, or simply relax on a comfortable chair. I made sure I had these two areas separated so that people who want to work to not get distracted.


The impact I want my classroom to have on students is that students who are not in 12th grade (they have their own study room), can still have a relaxing place to be in and to study. Sometimes, especially at lunch, the cafeteria is very crowded and not an ideal place for students to do their work peacefully, or even any place to sit and eat. There is the library, but this room can also get crowded. This is why I chose to make this space, so that people could have a place to sit and do their work without getting interrupted, but also a nice place to eat when all the places everywhere else is taken. The impact I want this to have on teachers, is that they can let their students out of the classroom to do individual work when the classroom is getting a little tight, or students simply need some air. This space that I designed is also perfect for teachers to do any work while students are in classes or at lunch, they can sit there and eat with some colleagues without being alone at their desk, or interrupted by students. I think that this will be the impact, because there is no other way you could use this room, therefore, the impact will be as I mentioned above if the room is used correctly, which will be made sure it will.

What I would have done differently:

I believe that my room is already a great environment to be in, but there are a couple aspects I would have liked to do differently if I had more time. One of these aspects being the comfortable chairs. The space between the chairs and the bookshelf is very small and might be very uncomfortable for people to grab books. What I would do to change it is that I could have found smaller chairs, or I should have used only two instead of four. I think it is important to fix this because otherwise, there is barely any space for someone to get books, this ruins the whole purpose of having a bookshelf if no one will be able to get any books, including textbooks if they have to work. Another aspect of my room that I would have liked to change is the color of the walls. I think the color of the walls are too bright. I think this is important to change because, in my research, it shows that a too bright color will distract a person while he/she is working. To improve it, I would have just picked a lighter color to ensure that students and teachers benefit from this space.

My Classroom:

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 16.32.16.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 16.30.10.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 16.31.02.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 16.31.40.png

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